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Nurse Life Proverbs 31:13 👩‍⚕️🏥

Nurse Life Proverbs 31:13 👩‍⚕️🏥

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Finished Glass Can "Glossy Clear" with this design!
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Hey! You're not here by mistake! These beautiful hand selected Glass can wraps could be on your business page giving you profit! No more weeding and layering vinyl, well at least for these designs and we have many! They are bold and colorful! So many beautiful varieties, it won't be easy to choose, however, special pricing is available on your purchase of 25 or more! 


These premium printed UV DTF wraps are permanent and waterproof. 


- No need to seal


- Does not require time to dry


- No need for water


- Wraps are waterproof


- Permanent adhesive


- Smudge & Smear proof


- DO NOT use alcohol, acetone, essential oils or any other cleaning solution on these decals. Handwash with warm soapy water ONLY.


-Do Not Microwave, Do not place in Dishwasher, Do not soak for a long period of time. 




Application Instructions below:


🤍 We highly recommend cleaning your tumbler or glass can to remove any dust, oils, or lint from the surface before anything else. Skipping this step will create bubbles that will be very difficult to remove. 


🩵 Peel the backing away from the clear transfer film and design print.  


🤍 Carefully place the transfer on the cup. Make sure the design is straight and positioned correctly. You can use a cup cradle to help with the holding of the cup while applying your wrap. 


Note: Once the transfer touches the cup surface, it cannot be repositioned or removed, Please make sure you are positioning your transfer carefully and correctly! 


🩵 Press the transfer down from the center, outwards, to push out any air bubbles. 


🤍 Using a cloth a (I prefer microfiber), squeegee, or your fingers, rub all over the image to smooth out. 


🩵 Peel off the clear film slowly. Mission complete! We're certain you glass can looks amazing! 


Note: Depending on the screen you are viewing this image from, colors may appear slightly different in person. 


🩵🤍🩵 Though we know you read the instructions, we must advise we are not responsible for application mishaps and there are no refunds/exchanges due to issues with application.